No matter what state you are happy or sad, You need some Faith to rejuvenate and bring back to your state. Faith should help you to be content with what you have. Faith will nurture your spirit and give it life.


Perhaps this is the sustenance or source of income that Al-mighty blessed you with. It is important as well, this will help you to feed and support you and your family. Work should assist you in providing the financial support to you, your family, relatives and the needy.


Anything that makes you connected the Faith and Work also inspire you and others. It could be travelling, photography, martial arts or workout, helping someone or simply experimenting cooking with a new recipe.

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Enjoy the life that God has blessed you with! Of course consider your fellow human being in what you do.

What do you fascinated about? There are so many things around you to get inspire and energize each one of us. You just have to find it. 

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